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Our Directors, Co-consultants and Associates are experts in their respective areas of consultancy, and we are still to tap the best in this area.

Company represents Wickert, Germany, for Compression Presses. Looking for representations for project related MOUs with futuristic market in India in material manufacturing and processing projects of national importance. The consultancy assignments being undertaken are treated as strictly confidential and will not be used in any manner detrimental to the interest of the clients. Entech, if required, will enter into confidentiality agreement with the clients.

Polymer Society Magazine
Polymer Society’ has been started to promote healthy practices in the Indian industry and the developing world. It is a quarterly magazine and helps the industry by offering the latest in technology, product update, relevant news and job opportunities. It aims to impart training and promote healthy technical practices for focused development. The inaugural issues of Polymer Society till April 2009 focused on specific topics like Polymer for Auto, Packaging, Construction Industry, Additives and Processing to attract maximum readership from the Industry. Subsequently, it will be a Journal covering Materials, Technologies etc. The magazine is read by most of the industry experts who matter.

Email us: entechpolymers@gmail.com

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